Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to do the report?

You will need to send us the floor plans showing all exterior wall, window and door dimensions, as well as elevations. we prefer the plans to be in PDF format.

My drawings are hand drawn, can you still do my Title 24 report?

Yes,usually the easiest and fastest way to get this done is to take a good quality photo of your floor plan with your smartphone or have the pages scanned at a Fedex/Kinko's or local blueprint shop, and then submit through our website order form. We do not accept plans by mail without first receiving a completed order form.

What is the price for a Title 24 report?

$275 FLAT rate for Single Family Residences, regardless if it is an addition or New Home. Even though we post our flat fee price on our website in bold, this is still the number one question. For Nonresidential projects or High Rise residential please use the Commercial Title 24 Quote form before submitting.

Your order form page says I will receive an instant email confirmation and I didn't, what happened?

Usually this is a server error on the customer's email client side when they are uploading files that are very large and the browser timed out, or you didn't upload a file at all, our order form will not submit without a file attached, if this happens try sending one more time and make sure the file uploaded before leaving our site.

How do I pay for this?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, or you can debit from your checking account using our eCHECK service.

Do you do commercial or lighting/mechanical title 24 reports?

Yes please click the Commercial Title 24 Quote link on the rightside menu to get a quick quote

I am an architect/designer, can I send you my clients and have you bill them directly?

As stated above we run very efficiently and prefer to work with architects and designers directly. Having your Title 24 Services outsourced to can be a great profit center for your firm. We charge you a flat rate, and you charge whatever profit you want above that.

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee our flat rate price, we guarantee our fast service and that your report will meet the Title 24 requirements, and we guarantee you will pass plan check without issue as long as the plans were not changed after we did the energy calcs. Design revisions will incur a nominal revision fee.

what is a certificate of compliance (CF-1R form)?

The certificate of compliance lists the building features and specifications needed to comply with Title 24 energy code in California. The compliance certificate report is created in an electronic format and is emailed to you signed by our Title 24 consultant.

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