F.A.Q Frequently Asked Questions
li1We will need floor plans with North arrow, all exterior wall, window and door dimensions, as well as elevations/sections. We prefer the plans to be in PDF format.  For addition remodel projects please include demo or as-built plan to include all the Existing window sizes, including those being removed.
li1Yes,usually the easiest and fastest way to get this done is to take a good quality photo of your floor plan with your smartphone or have the pages scanned at a Fedex/Kinko's or local blueprint shop, and then submit through our website order form. We do not accept plans by mail without first receiving a completed order form.

$350 Flat Rate (for Single Family Residence or Accessory Dwelling Unit Reports, regardless if it is an addition or New Home. Same Day Service available if order is submitted prior to 11am for an extra charge, click the Express payment option at checkout. If project requires HERS registration that is included for free.  For Nonresidential projects or High Rise residential ( more than 3 floors of conditioned space) please use the Commercial Title 24 Quote form to receive an instant price quote. $475 for Express Same Business Day turnaround ( for orders received by 11am, otherwise completed next business day by 9am).

li1This is a server error when uploading files that are very large and the browser timed out, or you didn't upload a file at all.  The order form will not submit without a file attached of if the file is over 32mb.  If this happens, try sending one more time and make sure the file uploaded completely and you received an email confirmation before leaving our site.
li1We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.
li1Yes please click the Commercial Title 24 Quote button on the top menu to get an instant quote by email.
li1As stated above we run very efficiently and prefer to work with architects and designers directly. Having your Title 24 Services outsourced to NRGcompliance.com can be a great profit center for your firm. We charge you a flat rate, and you charge whatever profit you want above that.
li1We will correct any plan check issue as long as we were provided accurate information on our order form and plans were not changed after placing your order.  Inaccuracies and design changes will incur a nominal revision fee to revise.
li1The certificate of compliance lists the building features and specifications needed to comply with Title 24 energy code in California. The compliance certificate report is created in an electronic format and is emailed to you signed by our Title 24 consultant.

For residential projects there are 3 types of forms that may be required for the project.

  • CF1R [Certificate of Compliance] - NRG Compliance provides
  • CF2R [ Certificate of Installation] - Completed by provided by builder/installing contractor
  • CF3R [ Certificate of HERS Verification] - Completed by HERS Rater

  List of certified HERS Raters can be found here HERS Rater


We provide you the report in 8.5x11" pdf and a 24x36" PNG image file for inserting into AutoCAD for full size printing.

If you prefer the full size sheets in pdf, http://pngpdf.com/ works great for converting in under a minute.


We are open Monday- Friday 9am to 4pm

Orders must be submitted before 3:30pm to be sure we can complete our standard next business day turnaround.


We provide the reports to get your permit for nonresidenital lighting, they are  called the  NRCC  Certificate of Compliance forms.    If you already have a permit and construction was done you may need  NRCI  (Inspection) forms  and NRCA  (Acceptance Testing) forms, we do not provide these onsite services.


Submit through our Addition form, garage conversion to ADU's are considered an addition, even if detached. If the ADU was brand new construction, then it would be required to be ran through the New home form.


Our website has a live chat feature at bottom right of page that is active during business hours.

Our phone number and email is posted at the top of  every webpage.

We do not sell our customers information to any 3rd parties. Payments are processed by Stripe and all customer credit card info is not stored on our servers for security reasons.

Our Mailing address

4480 Main St Suite B
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 Your Title 24 report will start to be processed within hours of receiving your order and payment. The completed Title 24 report will be emailed to you in a pdf format as well as image files for inserting into your plan set for building permit submittal.  Due to our fast turnaround and customer receiving the completed Title 24 reports digitally, we cannot cancel/refund the order once our work is complete. If for any reason you need to cancel your order please send an email to nrg@nrgcompliance.com  within 4 hours of order submission to cancel.