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We specialize in preparing Title 24 documentation for commercial and residential buildings.

Our Title 24 report shows compliance with California’s energy efficiency standards. You can expect fast turnaround and accurate reports that will be approved by your local CA building department. We update our software each time the codes are updated, so you can get the necessary permit for new construction projects, alterations, or additions with ease.


Accurate Title 24 Calculations for Building Permit Approval

The California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24) is intended to help improve energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. Done right, it can reduce energy costs, improve internal comfort, and reduce the negative impact on the environment. You need to get the Title 24 Report (Energy compliance documentation) at the building permit phase to show the calculations are right to indicate that you meet all the requirements. We help you get it ready in no time to submit to your local California Building Department to meet California state compliance standard requirements.


Quick and Simply Process

Ordering your Title 24 report is easy. Simply submit your request for a residential or commercial Title 24 report and we’ll get to work.

Accurate Reports

Get your organized and customized T24 documentation with accurate calculations that will be approved by your local building department.

Fast Revisions

Our reports are accurate based on the data provided. Where you need amendments, we will quickly address it to get your permit.

The NRG Compliance Advantage

We prepare your certified Title 24 reports using California state approved software. Our reports support commercial and residential building projects. Within 1 business day, you’ll get your energy compliance documentation ready for approval. Order your commercial or residential Title 24 report today․